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Man of Steel mini review

Man of Steel mini review: This film was two and a half hours of relentless HOLY FUCK. It was “you sure you really want Superman? Well here’s your god damned Superman. Hope you’re happy now.”

There were a few parts of the script that didn’t make sense, and they didn’t really bother having a lot of character relationship building. But that was besides the point. This movie was all about: if a superhuman alien really grew up in our world, what would that look like? As a raw visual portrayal of that awesome power, the film just blows you away. Definitely a film worth going the IMAX 3D route.

It has decent casting for the side characters, and they are treated respectfully, but they exist only in service to the perspective of Superman himself and the story of his emergence onto the world stage. And there are some clever nods to past Superman stories as well as other movies and tropes - there is in particular a lot of similarities with Prometheus both in themes and aesthetics.

But if you are looking for a really cohesive story, or a compelling drama beyond the core theme of the burden, responsibility, and joy of having super powers, you won’t find it here. The film just isn’t about anything more than that. But if you want a realistic visceral experience of being super, you’ll get more than you could ever hope for.







Luke Youngblood, the actor who played Lee Jordan in the HP Films,also plays the role of Magnitude in Community




Movie Poster Mashup of Star Wars: Episode VII & Little Miss Sunshine

Star Wars / Little Miss Sunshine mashup

My future kid…


My future kid…


NOTE: (If you aren’t watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, you should be. It’s AWESOME. The game of Marshgammon comes from the Season One Episode appropriately entitled Game Night. Several rules, as well as the major games Marshgammon borrows from are used as the basis with additional rules…

Dancing Ood. Nuff’ said…


This has GOT to be my favourite thing. Ever.

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28 Days Later, Zombie film?

The broadest definition of the zombie film involves victims of some force which strips them of their higher functions and leaves them at the mercy of either outside influence or their own animal instincts. Originally zombies were linked to the folklore of voodoo witchcraft, alive but mentally enslaved to supernatural powers. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” evolved the model to that of the reanimated dead, and a base internal drive that included hunger for human flesh. “28 Days Later” borrows heavily from the “Dead” series, with references to chained zombies being studied, an attack at the store, infected children, and a military refuge taking women hostage. But it also belongs at least partially in the post apocalyptic and viral epidemic categories, with references such as waking up in a hospital after a disaster from “The Day of the Triffids” and virus transformed attackers in “The Omega Man.” It is especially the elements of rapid infection from projectile blood vomiting, nearly instantaneous transformation, and predatory speed, which both depart from the classic portrayal of the zombie and contribute to the film’s uniquely horrific effect(s). However, while it was in its context a departure in ways, it has also been strongly influential on its successors in the zombie genre, especially The Walking Dead series with its own hospital beginning, “kick ass black warrior woman,” and seemingly charming stronghold despot. But also, bringing things full circle, a “Dawn of the Dead” remake with faster, deadlier zombies.


“Inception, In Doodle Format” by Spencer Shields

Inception doodle
Calling it now, Nora Zehetner is The Mother!

Calling it now, Nora Zehetner is The Mother!